Tying Wire and Tool

Double Loop Ties & Tying Tool
Double loop ties, manufactured from 17 gauge, annealed plain wire for use with plain reinforcement.

Ref Length Pack Size
DL 100 100 1000
DL 150 150 1000
DL 200 200 1000

Tying Wire
1.6mm (16 gauge). Fully annealed tying wire for use with plain reinforcement. 1.22mm (18 gauge). Stainless steel wire for use with stainless steel reinforcement.

Ref Coil Weight (Kg)
PW A 25 15
PW A 2 2
Stainless Steel
SW S 20

Knipex Wire Cutter
200mm overall length. End cutters with dipped handles. For soft and hard wires. Special premium tool steel, oil hardend and tempered.