Formwork Accessories

Produced from a high tensile steel with a screw thread (deformation conforming to ASTMA 618 for reinforcing steel bars).

Diameter Net 17mm
Weight per Meter 1.44kg
Approx. failing load 191kN
Max. safe workload 127kN


Wing Nut

Waler Plate
Type: Standard Heavy Duty

Tie Bar

Length (m) 7.5 6.0 2.5 2.0 1.75 1.50 1.00

Thruty Sleeve

A rigid PVC tube of 2mm wall thickness, supplied in 2 metre lengths which can be easily cut to the required size. It is used as an expandable sleeve over tie bolts, facilitating their removal and also acting as a spacer to ensure correct width of hall.

Tube i/d o/d 14/18 20/24 22/26 26/30 32/38

Thruty Cones

Thruty Cones are used at the ends of the Thruty Sleeve and can be easily extracted after removal of the formwork, to form a chamfered recess for subsequent grouting.

Tube i/d mm 14 20 22 26 32

Also available:
Formwork Clamps, Flexible Hose, Adjustable Kickers